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   Welcome to the Signature Movement, and thank you for visiting. But what exactly is the Signature Movement? My philosophy is whatever the undertaking, I will do it so well, I am proud to affix my signature to it and share it with the world. My ultimate goal in any endeavor is to leave an impression—to have you remember me, and think of me sometimes against your will. I'm challenging you and me to be great, creative, responsible, unique, dynamic--the best version of YOU there is. This site is dedicated to empowerment, encouragement, inspiration, entertainment, and embracing creativity. 

   Somebody recently asked me what my ultimate goal is. After about one second, I said it's to write for as long as I have something to say, and to have a radio program of my own, or co-host with someone where I can talk about my many thoughts on everything. The material would come straight from real life, and the books I've written about it. She also asked what keeps me getting up in the mornings to write whatever I'm inspired to say that day.

   After about one second, I said the desire to share with people who are going through something that they're not alone--whatever the case may be--and that we all have more in common than we have differences. On the most basic of levels, we're all human, and we all feel. I've felt something you have, and vice versa. The goal here is to draw bridges, make connections, and help each other through. That's what keeps me getting up. Somebody needs to hear from me that day.

   As a blogger and author of eight published books, including works of fiction, non-fiction, motivation, and topics of self-awareness, I have developed an affinity for exploring the human condition and helping people understand and embrace it through my personal brand of truth, perspective, and a touch of ridiculousness where needed, with a comedic flair.

   My entire body of written work is dedicated to fleshing out interpersonal and romantic relationship issues, bonding people through common experience. My premise is that we all have more in common than we have differences because we all feel. My objective when writing is to reach those who believe they have to internalize for fear of being ostracized or marginalized, and assure them they have a place in this world.

   I have volunteered to go first, meaning I document my own struggles, fears, successes, and so forth in an attempt to reach those who can relate. Whether you are a young woman who needs the kind of insight a woman of wisdom and experience can provide, or if you are looking for a support system without judgment, or if you are a man who wants valuable insight on how to communicate better with women, we have something for you. So there you have it. That's the Signature Movement in a nutshell. 

   Here I have arranged some of my signature products, reflecting my own personal journey to fulfillment and greatness. Choose from my published books, Signature Apparel, hand-made body care, new** Signature Sweets and other trinkets displaying my creativity. I've even tried my hand at interior decorating. Listen to my podcast, Signature Moves where I share perspective on some of life's intimacies and idiosyncracies, adapted from my writings. Be counted!

   Do come in and take a look around; make yourself at home while you become familiar with the energy that is Tonya D. Floyd. Before you leave, please drop by the Talk2Me page to sign the guestbook. I'm very interested in knowing who's here, and just how far my words and products are reaching. Likewise, if there's something you would like to see here, please do let me know.

Comments, questions, concerns: Email me. I'd love to hear from you.